Pay by Phone casino

What Is a Pay By Phone Casino?

Online casinos offer their customers a large number of payment methods. The vast majority of these are methods that everyone knows and uses, such as credit cards and bank transfers. However, a casino must be able to offer different options in order to be able to provide a high level of service. Sometimes, you may not have access to a credit card, or the banks may not allow casino transactions. In such cases, there is another option that you can use everywhere: Your mobile phone. A pay by mobile phone casino is a casino that accepts mobile phone payments which are reflected then in your mobile phone bill. This method is mostly used via SMS. In some cases, if the local carrier supports it, the phone bill can also be used as a form of “credit”. At any rate, you will be paying with your mobile phone. This method is usually called "poor man's credit card" because you will pay the bill later: The payment is made to the casino by your operator, and the operator collects it from you later. It is possible to use this method on all supporting casinos (even on mobile casinos). Payment processing is performed by a third party service provider. These service providers support many carriers, and therefore they can be used in many countries. They can also allow you to add your credit card and bank account to the mobile phone payment system. In such a system, you can still pay by credit card without having to provide your credit card information. We will give more details about this below.

About Pay By Phone Bill and SMS

First of all, you can only make deposits with this method. A pay by mobile casino can only accept payments. It is not possible to use this method for withdrawals. To make a mobile casino deposit by phone bill, you must first activate this system. Phone carriers deactivate this feature by default to prevent misuse. In order to activate it, you may need to send a special SMS code. This can be different in each country, so we recommend that you check with local carriers and learn what the actual practice is. After activating the feature, you will have access to two options: Pay by bill or pay by SMS. They are different, and each one may need to be activated separately. We'll give more details about both below.

Paying by Phone at an Online Casino

This method is also called "carrier billing". It is only supported by some carriers and requires a “clean” user history. In other words, there should not be any unpaid bills. In order to use this method, a 2-factor authentication code must first be specified. This is a completely private code and will allow your bill to be charged for the casino payment. This is literally an alternative payment method: No credit card, bank account or e-wallet required. In this context, it is also possible to say that it is one of the safest methods. Carrier billing is known and used especially in Asia and Middle East countries. It is not a well-known method in Western countries. To pay to a casino that supports this method, you must first select "pay by phone" from the deposit options. The casino asks you to enter your phone number and determine the amount of your deposit. After doing both, a password is sent by your carrier to your mobile phone. You can complete the payment by entering this code on the casino payment screen. The process is instantaneous, there is no waiting. Usually, there is not a fee too. (Again, this depends on your carrier.) When this method is used, the payment is made by the carrier. So the casino gets the money actually from the carrier company. The company collects the payment later in installments from the user. All of these installments are reflected in the bill. The number of installments and the maximum payment limit vary depending on what type of user you are. For example, the limit for a user who spends more than $ 80 per month on a phone bill and does not have unpaid bills in the past is naturally higher. Some carriers may require interest payment. In that case, we recommend you to check the interest rate in advance.

Paying by SMS at an Online Casino

This method is more common than carrier billing. It can even be offered by third-party companies. It does not require any two-factor authentication or a password. But the payment limit is lower. Once more, when you are on the deposit page of the casino, select the "pay by phone" option again. However, instead of providing a phone number, choose from listed carriers or service providers. (For example, select the processor "Payforit".) The casino will direct you to the processor's site. It is often necessary to register on this site. After registration is complete, an SMS message will be sent to you, or you will be asked to send an SMS message to the processor for confirmation. In both cases, this message means that you are authorizing the payment to the casino. The processor makes the payment to the casino and then charges the user. The collection is also made via the phone bill. However, the number of installments is much less. There are also many fees and the interest rates are quite high. Compared to carrier billing, this is a disadvantageous method. Still, it can be used by far more people, and the rules are not as rigid as carrier billing. Finally, the SMS method can also be used to pay by a credit card. Some carriers allow credit card information to be added to their systems. It is possible to make payments using SMS via this pre-recorded information. In this case, the carrier only provides an intermediary service and does not reflect anything on the bill. The user still pays by credit card but uses his/her phone instead of an e-wallet. It is possible to say that this is a safer method because it is not necessary to enter credit card information directly.

Pros and Cons

Pay by phone casinos have disadvantages as well as advantages. You can see them in the following list: Pros

  • Not dependent on the banking system. It can be used by players who do not have a credit card or a bank account.
  • Provides a local payment option.
  • It is one of the fastest methods. The payment is completed literally within a few seconds. If we think that other methods are completed in average 24 hours, this is quite impressive.
  • It allows the payment to be divided into installments. For example, you can pay a $ 100 in 10 months, $ 10 a month. For this reason, it is a suitable method for players with a limited budget.
  • Extremely practical. It requires no technical knowledge. If you can send an SMS; you can pay by phone too.
  • It does not need a computer. As long as you have your mobile phone, you can pay anywhere and at any time.
  • You can still use your credit card and bank account as explained above. Compared to using them directly, this is a much more secure method.


  • Payments are often limited. For this reason, it is not suitable for high-rollers. If you like to play on tables with a minimum bet of $ 500, you must use another method.
  • Fees and interest rates can sometimes be quite high.
  • Because payouts are split into installments, it can encourage players who have less self-control to play more than their budget.
  • It is not a common method and supported by a small number of casinos. It is not widely known and used in Western countries. It is more a method unique to Asian countries.

Like every payment method, mobile phone payments also have advantages and disadvantages. It is up to the players to evaluate these. We recommend that you decide which method is better for you based on your own situation.


Although not as common as traditional payment methods, phone payments are easy, practical, and secure. The reason for not being so widespread is that most carriers cannot offer this service because of local laws. If it is forbidden to gamble in the country you live in, it probably will not be possible to make deposits using this method too. Carriers have to comply with the laws of the countries they are in. This is also why it is widespread in Asian countries where there is often no regulation on gambling. However, if you can use this method in your country of residence, we recommend you give it a go. This is a fast and secure method – it is also very convenient for casual gamblers because it is limited. Mobile payments allow you to get additional payment options and deposit cash in a more practical way to casinos. You can find the reviews of the online casinos supporting this method on our website.

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